01: Joey Kissimmee: From High School Dropout to Successful Internet Entrepreneur

Joey Kissimmee

In this episode, we interview internet entrepreneur and Appendipity Themes founder, Joey Kissimmee.

Joey tells the story of how he went from a high school dropout and teenaged parent, house painter and ten year Walmart employee to a highly successful internet entrepreneur.

He explains how his online business journey started when he answered an ad he saw on the side of the road and bought a $10 Cd-rom (remember those) that taught him how to buy and sell junk on E-bay. We share a laugh as he explains how he literally had to buy his first computer in order to play that Cd-rom.

He drops an amazing amount of actionable advice on us including:

  • focus on just making some money online first…then worry about making a lot of money.
  • How he learned the importance of designing a business to match his lifestyle goals and how outsourcing has helped him create a business where he only has to work one day a week.
  • Why he thinks “you have to have multiple buy buttons out there”?
  • How his focus on amazing customer service has created a “feedback” loop that helps him create new products and additional revenue streams.

Please don’t forget to stop by and check out Joey’s website at www.incomepress.com

And check out his amazing podcast specific WordPress Themes at appendipity.com


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