07 The Forgotten Promise


In this solo episode, I talk about a long forgotten promise. A promise that you made and broke.

It is the unspoken promise that you made to yourself and your family that someday you will become the man you were meant to be.

Have you noticed lately when you tell your family and friends about your “Comeback”, your dreams and aspirations, they seem unimpressed maybe even skeptical?

It almost seems like they don’t believe you or don’t care.

Well, the reason your family, your wife or girlfriend, your close friends don’t fully buy into your dreams is that they don’t trust you. They don’t believe you anymore.You made an unspoken promiseto your young family. You made an unspoken promise to yourself…and you broke that promise.

You promised them a certain kind of life, certain dreams. You promised them that you would become the “Man” that you were meant to be!

When you were first starting out, you made an unspoken promise to your family. “Stick with me through these hard times and I promise that I will become the man you believe I can be”. “Trust me, someday we will have an extraordinary life”. “Believe in me and I promise that I will bust my ass everyday until we are living the life of our dreams!”

I Broke this promise. You broke this promise. We basically lied to the people we love most, to the people who trusted us the most. That is why they don’t trust us completely. That is why they don’t fully buy into our dreams anymore.

The reason YOU don’t even believe in your dreams is that you don’t trust yourself.

But they haven’t given up on us. Deep down, they still believe in us.

Look into your wife’s eyes. Look into your son or daughter’s eyes. Can’t you see they still believe in you?

It’s time to acknowledge that you broke this promise and more importantly It’s time to take action and make good on your promise to the people you love most.

Broken promises can be mended. But they need to be acknowledged and then they are mended by action. They are mended by rebuilding trust. They are mended by keeping your word and your unspoken promise everyday.

Listen to the episode now. It has a few action steps to help you start following through on your promise.

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