09 A Conversation with Wes Chapman From A Human Project, Part 1: Victim or Hero, The Most Important Decision You Will Make in Your Life



Wes Chapman

Wes Chapman is the founder of A Human Project at http://www.ahumanproject.com/.


A HUMAN PROJECT is a for-purpose organization with the mission to create a community of empowered youth. Giving youth the tools they need to create long lasting and positive habits. By doing this they give youth the opportunity to break the cycle of hopelessness many of them have endured. They believe that every child is created for a purpose and that each child deserves to experience ultimate joy.

Wes’s personal story includes being abandoned at one year old by his father and at six and a half years old by his mother. He tried to commit suicide twelve times before his sixteenth birthday. He was to subjected to terrible physical and sexual abuse throughout his childhood but he survived!

He tells his personal story in powerful detail in his founders story on the A Human Project website. I’ve included the audio in the beginning of this podcast episode and you can see the video here Founder’s Story Video.

I can’t recommend highly enough that you watch this video. It gives incredible insight into his story and the mission of A Human Project. It’s truly a wake up call and the kind of video that will change your life.

Wes has also been an entrepreneur since he was 8 ½. His very first business made over $500 a day. He has crushed it on the world of business and also had some epic failures. He recently realized that everything that has happened in his life has happened for a reason and has brought him to this moment and his true purpose which is to empower at risk youth through A Human Project.

In Part 1 of our conversation we talk about:

  • The difficulties and advantages of making a “Second Half Comeback” The importance of understanding that “Tomorrow is the new frontier. Change your perspective today to make tomorrow the best it can possible be!”

  • How he started his entrepreneurial career out of necessity and as a survival mechanism. It didn’t become purpose drive until he started listening to the universe and recognizing the patterns that were being presented to him.

  • We discuss how “The little things that you do in your life really do change the outcome of your tomorrow.” Wes tells the story of how the entire A Human Project started because of a “Selfie” he took for a Gary Vaynerchuck fan. Within 2 months of this simple decision, Wes was standing in front of a group of 700 youth and empowering them to change their lives.

  • We discuss the importance of this lesson. How recognizing the repeated messages from the universe and saying yes to the opportunities that arise is an absolute key to changing your life and finding your purpose.

  • How reaching out and meeting his biological father at age 26 started him on a journey to find clarity in his life. It led to him starting his personal blog and writing about his life. This helped him to start getting comfortable with himself and who he is. He sums up this experience by saying “the first step to finding clarity in your life is being honest with yourself”.

  • He gives some amazing tips on how to start the process of gaining clarity and purpose in your life

  • “You only have two options in life. You can be a Victim or Hero. That’s it!”

  • “Switching your mentality from victim to Hero will speed your life up in every single aspect!”

  • “Positivity does not breed negativity but negativity can truly breed positivity”. All the negative things that have happened to you in your life can be transformed into positive’s if used with intent and purpose.


In the next episode of Second Half Comeback, I will bring you part 2 of my conversation with Wes Chapman.

We will discuss more of the valuable lessons he has learned through his amazing journey and discuss A Human Project in detail.

Wes will explain the mission and philosophy behind the project and tell us how we can help.

As I mentioned before, Please take the time to check out A Human Project and Wes’s founder’s story.

If this episode hits home with you and you deeply resonate with Wes’s story and mission of empowering at risk youth, as I do, please take action and make a donation or a pledge to A Human Project.

This single action will not only help at risk youth but could very well change the direction of your whole life!

If you’ve been thinking and talking about how you want to make an impact and leave a legacy with your life, This is a simple, tangible, meaningful way that you can have an immediate impact.

Don’t blow this off, take action right now! This is a great way to go from victim to HERO! Click here now to contribute… Be a Hero 

As a small additional incentive, If you donate $50 or more I will happily give away a free 30 minute skype call with me to discuss your own Second Half Comeback!

I will also give you or your business a shout out on the podcast and social media. Just send me an email at dg@secondhallfcomeback.com and tell me about your life changing donation!


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