10 Wes Chapman Pt. 2 on Self Reflection, Keeping it Simple and Building a Self Sustaining Community of Empowered Youth




Wes Chapman

In part 2 of my conversation with Wes Chapman, founder of A Human Project, We discuss a few more of the lessons he has learned as he transformed himself from victim to hero.




We talk about the importance of daily rituals and he discusses a few of his favorites including the importance of solitude and self reflection.

  • He emphasizes the benefits of daily simple meditation.
  • The role of writing to stimulate creativity and help you find clarity in your life.
  • The importance of disconnecting. He suggests turning off all technology and simply writing by hand with a pen and paper. This strategy helps you slow down and activates different parts of your brain.

He suggests a super unique, ninja trick for shaking up your writing routine…Try writing with your off hand! If you are right handed, try starting with your right hand but then when you get stuck or are trying to drill down deep switch to your left hand. This helps put you in a child like state because it helps eliminate your need for perfection and motor skill etc. It helps slow you down and process things differently. It can even help you release old childhood traumas! Wes stresses importance of not over complicating your life and goals. Keep it simple. We mention The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. He also talks about the importance of celebrating and rewarding yourself for the small steps and successes along the way because it reinforces positive behaviors within your subconscious. Then Wes tells us all about A Human Project. He begins by redefining what “H.u.m.a.n” means. He breaks it down into 5 categories”



Making a choice




The overall goal of the project is to create a self sustaining community of empowered youth.

We discuss how someone would actually go about joining the project if they needed help or knew someone who did. Wes pointed us to Join a Human Project. Finally, Wes and I discuss how we (the SHC audience) can help at risk youth via A Human Project. He discusses the various ways we can donate, pledge and spread the word.

Call to Action

If this episode hits home with you and you deeply resonate with Wes’s story and mission of empowering at risk youth, as I do, please take action and make a donation or a pledge to A Human Project.

This single action will not only help at risk youth but could very well change the direction of your own life!

As a small additional incentive, If you donate $50 or more I will happily give away a free 30 minute skype call with me to discuss your own Second Half Comeback!

I will also give you or your business a shout out on the podcast and social media. Just send me an email dg@secondhallfcomeback.com and tell me about your life changing donation!

Finally If you enjoyed the episode, please give Wes some love on Twitter and let him know you enjoyed our conversation on Second Half Comeback! https://twitter.com/wesleydchapman

Thanks so much for listening and we’ll see you next time on Second Half Comeback!

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