HeadshotsmirkSecond Half Comeback is simply a place where we interview ordinary, everyday people who are redesigning the second half of their lives to finally create an extraordinary world for themselves and their families.

The idea is to study these successful transformation stories and then break down that information into a detailed, specific action plan so that you can execute your own Second Half Comeback.

Listen…if they can, You can!

If our guests can completely transform themselves and their lives, you can too.

Second Half Comeback is not just about inspirational stories. It’s about learning from these stories and using them as case studies to create our own transformation game plan.

Most importantly, It’s about implementing and executing this new game plan. It’s about taking daily consistent action towards your goals.

You’ve spent the first half of your life learning what doesn’t work. It is time for YOU to learn these lessons, make these changes, and take focused action until you are living the life that you and your family are meant to live.