How to Use Daily Rituals and Systems to Get Your Most Important Shit Done With Greg Hickman




On today’s episode of Second Half Comeback, Greg Hickman tells us how to use daily rituals and systems to make sure we get our most important shit done everyday.

Greg is best known as The mobile marketing expert and for his brand Mobile Mixed. He is host of the Mobile Mixed podcast and formally of the Leaving Corporate podcast. He also blogs about his journey at He is also a speaker and business coach.

He was my business coach for a few months and was instrumental in helping me finally launch the Second Half Comeback podcast.

We began today’s interview with a quick overview of his story and background which included some mobile marketing consulting, starting a text messaging marketing company and even returning to the corporate world to work for a large national outdoor retailer while working on building Mobile Mixed on the side.

Mobile Mixed is a blog, podcast and training company that teaches small businesses and entrepreneurs how to use mobile marketing to generate leads and sales.

Mobile Mixed eventually led to speaking gigs, coaching and numerous other opportunities including leaving his corporate job to work on his business full time.

Ironically, after Greg left the corporate world to work on his own business full time, He found it was a struggle to stay focused and consistently work on the important “stuff” in his business.

Since then Greg has really become a student of productivity, workflow, and daily rituals. He is always experimenting, tweaking and learning the best systems and rituals to get the important shit done in his business and life.

We spend the rest of the interview talking about Greg’s workflow and systems with a specific focus on his morning ritual.

Here are a few of the highlights from his current routine:

  • Starts his morning with some light stretching, walks his wife to work and often follows with more light exercise.
  • Lately Greg has been focusing on a reading habit. After his morning exercise and shower, he has been trying to read for 30 minutes.
  • He then jumps into the meat and potatoes of his morning routine:
    • He spends some time journaling on his computer using a set list of questions that he is always perfecting.
    • then he plans his day. He has been using the “Zero Based Calendar” system.
  • We spend some time talking about the actual nuts and bolts of system such as apps, websites and software that he uses. (See Links below).
  • We finish by talking about the importance of shifting your mindset from entrepreneur to business owner…”How do i take this thing and turn it into a revenue producing business”.
  • Greg also warns us about falling into the trap of comparing ourselves to others and copying other successful people’s workflows. He emphasizes that we should design a personal system around our own needs, strengths and weaknesses.

Resource and Links

Mobile Mixed

Greg’s Workflow




Text Expander

Virtual Staff Finder

Thanks so much for stopping by the website and listening to the podcast. I hope you enjoyed the interview with Greg Hickman. On the next episode of Second Half Comeback, we are going to dive into our Finish Strong Challenge.

We will start by focusing on one simple “keystone” habit that is essential to executing a consistent and effective morning ritual!

Now, let’s remember to implement our 4th Quarter Mentality and finish 2014 strong! Let’s make this the year that changed EVERYTHING!

See you next time…… and remember It’s never too late to be who you were meant to be!

14 How to Finish Strong and Make This the Year That Changed Everything



Welcome Back to Second Half Comeback and the much belated Episode 14!

In this solo episode I take some time to explain why It’s been a couple weeks since my last episode.  More importantly I talk about the big plans I have for you and the show for the rest of the year.

I spend the first part of the show doing my best to be honest about some personal challenges and transparent about some struggles with the direction, purpose and growth of the show.

I caught myself falling into a negative mindset where I was giving up on this year already and starting to think about next year!

“Next year I’m really going to get my shit together. Next year I’m going to buckle down and give this podcast everything I’ve got…..”


Thankfully I caught myself! I realized there was still 100 days left in the year. Essentially, we were just getting ready to enter the fourth quarter.

It’s not time to quit on this year. It’s time to adopt a “fourth quarter mentality” and finish strong!

I spend the rest of this brief episode talking about my plans to bring you the Finish Strong Challenge.

We are going to spend the next 90 days making sure that we finish strong and make this the year that changed everything!

More details to come…but in the meantime I just want you to listen to the episode and take some time to ponder….

What could you accomplish in the next 90 days that would allow you to look back at 2014 and say “That was the best year of my live”?

Who could you become in the next 90 days that would enable you to look back at 2014 and say “That was the year that changed everything”?

It’s time to think big, adopt a 4th quarter mentality and Finish Strong!

The email newsletter is going to play a vital role in this 90 day Finish Strong Challenge so please take a minute to sign up! It’s free and a great way for me to send you additional resources that will help you execute your own Second Half Comeback!





13 A Thin Fucking Thread: Death and Overcoming Procrastination



In Episode 13, I share the earth shattering news that….You are going to die!

I explain why your life hangs by a thin fucking thread and how incorporating this “deathbed” mentality into your mindset can put an end to procrastination.

I start the episode with a blunt disclaimer that I am no guru or role model. I’m just a regular guy struggling to improve my life and fighting for my own Second Half Comeback. I’ve been thinking about this “thin thread” lesson for several years now and still struggle to incorporate it into my daily life on a consistent basis. Full disclosure: I lived this lesson. I believe and understand that my life hangs by a thin fucking thread and I still struggle with procrastination, fear, uncertainty and just general laziness. This doesn’t make the lesson less valuable. It just means that redesigning your life can be difficult and we need to figure out a way to incorporate this mindset along with other key lessons into a well rounded game plan for executing our own Second Half Comeback. So honestly, I feel like this is one of those episodes and lessons that just needs to be heard. Please just take a listen and then take a few minutes to ponder the message and what it means for your life.

If I had to sum up the message as a few takeaway bullet points, It would look like this:

  • You are going to die!
  • You think you have time but your life hangs by a thin fucking thread.
  • This is actually good news: As Steve Jobs Said…


“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.”

  • You can and should use this “Death Bed” mentality to inspire you to get off your ass and start living.
  • If you were lying on your death bed right now, what would be your biggest regrets?
  • Make these things a priority in your life immediately and daily.
  • Stop waiting, Start doing!

That’s It! Listen to the episode. Take the lesson to heart. Be thankful for everyday that your still breathing.

Live large, take risk, do epic shit, no regrets and leave nothing unsaid with the people you love!

If this episode and this podcast resonated with you, please share it with the world or leave us a rating and review in itunes so others can find our show!

12 Akshay Nanavati Pt.2: Focusing on Clarity, Using Milestones, Meditating on Death and Finding “Fearvana”




On this episode of Second Half Comeback, I bring you part 2 of my conversation with Akshay Nanavati from Existing 2 Living.

As a reminder, Akshay is a U.S. Marine and war veteran as well as an explorer and outdoor adventurer who is on a mission to run across every country in the world! We pick up the conversation as Akshay is telling us about a few of his daily rituals. His rituals tend focus on health and energy. He likes to incorporate green smoothies and daily exercise. He also journals and uses a few different reminder and to-do apps to help him find clarity in his day. He goes on to talk about “priming” your subconscious and truly striving towards clarity of lifestyle.

My favorite tip from Akshay was to focus first on having true clarity of lifestyle. What kind of life do you ultimately want to live? What kind of adventures do you want to have? What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Then work backward from that primary goal and create milestones towards that goal. Now, plan and execute only the action items that take you to the next milestone.  

We talk about the importance of adding elements of “higher mission” to your life as well as focusing on leaving a legacy. Akshay is starting a non-profit foundation that will partner with organizations in each country where he is running to leave a positive impact on the local community. That way his run is ultimately a Higher Mission that will leave a legacy. We talk about the value of using a “meditation on death” philosophy to live your life to the fullest.

“Most of us live our lives as if we are never going to die then we die having never really lived”.

Finally we talk about what’s next for Akshay and his mission. This September he will be running across 5-7 countries in Europe. He gives us some great advice about tackling a large, intimidating mission. Do the smaller pieces first as you learn the necessary skills and build confidence. For example, He is starting his runs in Europe in the smaller countries while he learns how to manage the logistics and then he will run the larger countries. Also, “ find somebody who has done what you want to do and ask them how they did it”.

We finish by talking about the book he is writing. He explains the term “Fearvana” as “a state of unity and bliss without fear that is only achieved through immersion in fear.” This concept helps us turn fear into a positive thing.

You can follow Akshay on his journey to run across every country in the world at Existing 2 living 


The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz 

11 Akshay Nanavati Pt. 1: A Marine and Outdoor Adventurer is on a Mission to Run Across Every Country in the World



On Episode 11, We have a great conversation with Akshay Nanavati of Existing 2 Living.

Akshay is a Marine and a war veteran who is now also an explorer and adventurer. He is on a mission to run across every country in the world to promote world unity and spread a message of good will.

I first became familiar with him when I saw him give a quick talk at World Domination Summit and immediately thought he is a great example of someone making an incredible Second Half Comeback.

He begins by telling us about a time in his teens when he became heavily involved with drugs and alcohol and even lost two friends to that destructive lifestyle. Akshay was able to pull himself out of that world and it was actually a scene from the movie “Black Hawk Down” that triggered his desire for self improvement and a life of service.

He embarked on a journey of self improvement, joined the Marines and immersed himself in the world of outdoor sports. He served his country in  Iraq in 2007-2008 and then returned to the corporate world.

He quit that job and spent all his savings to take on the epic challenge of skiing across the second largest ice cap in the world in Greenland dragging a 190 pound sled for 350 miles!

He is now on a journey to run across every country in the world.

One of the key lessons we discussed was the importance of finding immense clarity of purpose when trying to redesign our lives. Also, taking 100% responsibility for our lives and developing successful habits were key factors found in most success stories. He mentions how daily exercise is a great stepping stone to building other positive habits.His story and his journey provide us with some valuable and actionable lessons for our own Second Half Comebacks.

Here are a few of the other takeaway lessons from this episode:

We can choose “triggers” in our life that will help us make instant and lasting positive changes. He used the movie “Black Hawk Down” to trigger a desire to challenge himself and lead a life of service to others.

After returning from Iraq, Akshay struggled with returning to the corporate world and dealing with the stresses of a complicated everyday life that was very different from the simplicity and life or death nature of his life in the Marines. He was eventually diagnosed with PTSD. He learned that he could find solace and peace in the outdoors as well as get some of the same feelings of simplicity, risk and living in the moment that he had while serving in the Marines.

We discuss how many people would love to add meaning and challenge to their lives by embarking on some kind of meaningful, epic journey or mission. Akshay gives us some tips on how anyone can start towards their own epic mission.

We discuss the four elements of the human experience: mind, body, heart and spirit. He believes that physical challenges are a great way to tap into all four of these elements and this can help us feel true fulfillment and accomplishment.

He emphasizes that it’s persevering through pain and hardship that often brings true fulfillment, lessons and happiness. These lessons and clarity can be brought back to our everyday world and applied to business and life. We talk about how these epic missions can help us bust out of our comfort zones and inspire our Second Half Comeback.

Books Mentioned in this Episode

The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness by Stephen Covey

The Success Principles(TM) by Jack Canfield

Call to Action


Please go check out Akshay’s journey at

10 Wes Chapman Pt. 2 on Self Reflection, Keeping it Simple and Building a Self Sustaining Community of Empowered Youth

Wes Chapman




Wes Chapman

In part 2 of my conversation with Wes Chapman, founder of A Human Project, We discuss a few more of the lessons he has learned as he transformed himself from victim to hero.




We talk about the importance of daily rituals and he discusses a few of his favorites including the importance of solitude and self reflection.

  • He emphasizes the benefits of daily simple meditation.
  • The role of writing to stimulate creativity and help you find clarity in your life.
  • The importance of disconnecting. He suggests turning off all technology and simply writing by hand with a pen and paper. This strategy helps you slow down and activates different parts of your brain.

He suggests a super unique, ninja trick for shaking up your writing routine…Try writing with your off hand! If you are right handed, try starting with your right hand but then when you get stuck or are trying to drill down deep switch to your left hand. This helps put you in a child like state because it helps eliminate your need for perfection and motor skill etc. It helps slow you down and process things differently. It can even help you release old childhood traumas! Wes stresses importance of not over complicating your life and goals. Keep it simple. We mention The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. He also talks about the importance of celebrating and rewarding yourself for the small steps and successes along the way because it reinforces positive behaviors within your subconscious. Then Wes tells us all about A Human Project. He begins by redefining what “H.u.m.a.n” means. He breaks it down into 5 categories”



Making a choice




The overall goal of the project is to create a self sustaining community of empowered youth.

We discuss how someone would actually go about joining the project if they needed help or knew someone who did. Wes pointed us to Join a Human Project. Finally, Wes and I discuss how we (the SHC audience) can help at risk youth via A Human Project. He discusses the various ways we can donate, pledge and spread the word.

Call to Action

If this episode hits home with you and you deeply resonate with Wes’s story and mission of empowering at risk youth, as I do, please take action and make a donation or a pledge to A Human Project.

This single action will not only help at risk youth but could very well change the direction of your own life!

As a small additional incentive, If you donate $50 or more I will happily give away a free 30 minute skype call with me to discuss your own Second Half Comeback!

I will also give you or your business a shout out on the podcast and social media. Just send me an email and tell me about your life changing donation!

Finally If you enjoyed the episode, please give Wes some love on Twitter and let him know you enjoyed our conversation on Second Half Comeback!

Thanks so much for listening and we’ll see you next time on Second Half Comeback!

09 A Conversation with Wes Chapman From A Human Project, Part 1: Victim or Hero, The Most Important Decision You Will Make in Your Life

Wes Chapman



Wes Chapman

Wes Chapman is the founder of A Human Project at


A HUMAN PROJECT is a for-purpose organization with the mission to create a community of empowered youth. Giving youth the tools they need to create long lasting and positive habits. By doing this they give youth the opportunity to break the cycle of hopelessness many of them have endured. They believe that every child is created for a purpose and that each child deserves to experience ultimate joy.

Wes’s personal story includes being abandoned at one year old by his father and at six and a half years old by his mother. He tried to commit suicide twelve times before his sixteenth birthday. He was to subjected to terrible physical and sexual abuse throughout his childhood but he survived!

He tells his personal story in powerful detail in his founders story on the A Human Project website. I’ve included the audio in the beginning of this podcast episode and you can see the video here Founder’s Story Video.

I can’t recommend highly enough that you watch this video. It gives incredible insight into his story and the mission of A Human Project. It’s truly a wake up call and the kind of video that will change your life.

Wes has also been an entrepreneur since he was 8 ½. His very first business made over $500 a day. He has crushed it on the world of business and also had some epic failures. He recently realized that everything that has happened in his life has happened for a reason and has brought him to this moment and his true purpose which is to empower at risk youth through A Human Project.

In Part 1 of our conversation we talk about:

  • The difficulties and advantages of making a “Second Half Comeback” The importance of understanding that “Tomorrow is the new frontier. Change your perspective today to make tomorrow the best it can possible be!”

  • How he started his entrepreneurial career out of necessity and as a survival mechanism. It didn’t become purpose drive until he started listening to the universe and recognizing the patterns that were being presented to him.

  • We discuss how “The little things that you do in your life really do change the outcome of your tomorrow.” Wes tells the story of how the entire A Human Project started because of a “Selfie” he took for a Gary Vaynerchuck fan. Within 2 months of this simple decision, Wes was standing in front of a group of 700 youth and empowering them to change their lives.

  • We discuss the importance of this lesson. How recognizing the repeated messages from the universe and saying yes to the opportunities that arise is an absolute key to changing your life and finding your purpose.

  • How reaching out and meeting his biological father at age 26 started him on a journey to find clarity in his life. It led to him starting his personal blog and writing about his life. This helped him to start getting comfortable with himself and who he is. He sums up this experience by saying “the first step to finding clarity in your life is being honest with yourself”.

  • He gives some amazing tips on how to start the process of gaining clarity and purpose in your life

  • “You only have two options in life. You can be a Victim or Hero. That’s it!”

  • “Switching your mentality from victim to Hero will speed your life up in every single aspect!”

  • “Positivity does not breed negativity but negativity can truly breed positivity”. All the negative things that have happened to you in your life can be transformed into positive’s if used with intent and purpose.


In the next episode of Second Half Comeback, I will bring you part 2 of my conversation with Wes Chapman.

We will discuss more of the valuable lessons he has learned through his amazing journey and discuss A Human Project in detail.

Wes will explain the mission and philosophy behind the project and tell us how we can help.

As I mentioned before, Please take the time to check out A Human Project and Wes’s founder’s story.

If this episode hits home with you and you deeply resonate with Wes’s story and mission of empowering at risk youth, as I do, please take action and make a donation or a pledge to A Human Project.

This single action will not only help at risk youth but could very well change the direction of your whole life!

If you’ve been thinking and talking about how you want to make an impact and leave a legacy with your life, This is a simple, tangible, meaningful way that you can have an immediate impact.

Don’t blow this off, take action right now! This is a great way to go from victim to HERO! Click here now to contribute… Be a Hero 

As a small additional incentive, If you donate $50 or more I will happily give away a free 30 minute skype call with me to discuss your own Second Half Comeback!

I will also give you or your business a shout out on the podcast and social media. Just send me an email at and tell me about your life changing donation!

08 Systematizing Your Work/Life Balance, People Fuel and The Bravery Muscle: Lessons Learned from an Outlier. A Conversation with Melinda Yeaman



Who is Melinda Yeaman and What is Outlier Magazine


Melinda Yeaman is an online marketing veteran of 15 years who unplugged from her corporate career path to become an entrepreneur and to live an authentic, passionate life.

Her experience in graphic & web design, e-commerce, social and tech enables her to fuel success in her own brands as well as those of her clients and associates.

As an Outlier herself, Melinda co-hosts the Outlier On Air podcast, and assists in the growth of Outlier Labs, Magazine and Conferences to provide a springboard for startups.

Outlier is a entrepreneurial company that helps people start, grow and scale their business. The Outlier brand not only includes Outlier Magazine but also a co-working space and destination conferences.

Melinda’s Story

She started working a corporate job in college to help pay for college but it ended up pulling her away from college and she never finished college.

So she went on to get married and have kids. She first ventured into the entrepreneurial space because she wanted to be able stay home with her kids. She tried to negotiate with her boss at her corporate job so that she could work from home but the president of the company wasn’t onboard. She worked out an arrangement to leave the company to start her own business but was then able to land her old company as her first client.

Over time her client base continued to grow until it grew to the point where she had to decision.She had to decide whether to go all in on that business and hire a large staff to run the business or go back to the corporate world where she could theoretically have a more manageable work life and not have work consume her life. She dove back into the corporate world with the attitude that she was going to make as much money as possible. She had great success, worked her way up the corporate ladder, made great money and basically worked herself into the proverbial “Golden Handcuffs”

She started to feel the pull of the entrepreneurial life again. She was planning her exit, listening to podcasts and so unhappy that she literally prayed for an answer. The very next day she got laid off! She viewed it as a sign and her permission slip to go after her dreams.

She went back into consulting but this time for larger clients and really focused on networking within her own community. It was at one of these local networking events that someone mentioned how she should connect with Ever Gonzalez. She “said yes” to the opportunity and called him that night. They met the next day and Outlier was born!

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • How a lay off literally answered  her prayers.
  • The importance of connecting and adding value even when you are not getting paid.
  • Why you should connect online. find a mentor and look for masterminds. Then spend the time and money to go meet these online connections in person at conferences and seminars.
  • The importance of connecting and adding value within your own community.
  • How to take advantage of ”People Fuel” and why you need to strengthen your “Bravery Muscle”.
  • Why you should avoid “Social Arrogance” and add value to everyone you meet.
  • The realities of dealing with the “Entrepreneurial Sickness”.
  • The importance of organization and systemizing your work/life balance. How Melinda learned to create  a schedule WITH her family. and the importance of managing expectations with your family and friends.
  • How to focus on the quality of time not the quantity of time. Give yourself permission for small blocks of focused family time. Carve out time specifically for that purpose.

Where to find Melinda and Outlier Magazine




Podcast in Itunes:


Call to Action

As I mentioned at the end of the episode, I need your feedback! What problems are you having with your Second Half Comeback? What kind of Comeback are you trying to make: start a business, health and fitness, relationships, travel, retirement, other unique, amazing dreams? I want to hear about it and I want to help!

Please give me your feedback in the comments or via email to Better yet, Sign up for the email list!


07 The Forgotten Promise



In this solo episode, I talk about a long forgotten promise. A promise that you made and broke.

It is the unspoken promise that you made to yourself and your family that someday you will become the man you were meant to be.

Have you noticed lately when you tell your family and friends about your “Comeback”, your dreams and aspirations, they seem unimpressed maybe even skeptical?

It almost seems like they don’t believe you or don’t care.

Well, the reason your family, your wife or girlfriend, your close friends don’t fully buy into your dreams is that they don’t trust you. They don’t believe you anymore.You made an unspoken promiseto your young family. You made an unspoken promise to yourself…and you broke that promise.

You promised them a certain kind of life, certain dreams. You promised them that you would become the “Man” that you were meant to be!

When you were first starting out, you made an unspoken promise to your family. “Stick with me through these hard times and I promise that I will become the man you believe I can be”. “Trust me, someday we will have an extraordinary life”. “Believe in me and I promise that I will bust my ass everyday until we are living the life of our dreams!”

I Broke this promise. You broke this promise. We basically lied to the people we love most, to the people who trusted us the most. That is why they don’t trust us completely. That is why they don’t fully buy into our dreams anymore.

The reason YOU don’t even believe in your dreams is that you don’t trust yourself.

But they haven’t given up on us. Deep down, they still believe in us.

Look into your wife’s eyes. Look into your son or daughter’s eyes. Can’t you see they still believe in you?

It’s time to acknowledge that you broke this promise and more importantly It’s time to take action and make good on your promise to the people you love most.

Broken promises can be mended. But they need to be acknowledged and then they are mended by action. They are mended by rebuilding trust. They are mended by keeping your word and your unspoken promise everyday.

Listen to the episode now. It has a few action steps to help you start following through on your promise.

Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think. I’ll read and respond to all comments.

The “Secret Sauce” to Building Your Winning Team.



Episode 06 The Secret Sauce of Building Your Winning Team is basically a part 2 to the previous episode The Biggest and Worst Kept Secret to Transforming Your Life and Business. In this episode I recap the importance of surrounding yourself with amazing, supportive, like minded people who are doing the things that you dream of doing. 

I also emphasize again the importance of finding online communities in your “Niche” to make initial connections and then attending live conferences, seminars and meet-ups to cement these relationships through shared experiences. This is what I call the “Secret Sauce of building your winning team.

After this short recap, I spend most of the episode giving you actionable tips to help you accomplish both of these steps. Topics discussed include

Finding your online tribe


  • How and where to search for online communities in your area of interest.

  • Should you fork out your hard earned money to join paid courses and communities?

  • I share numerous tips for engaging with people in these communities including several proven methods for becoming know as one of the most helpful, giving, action oriented super stars in the community. these tips will help draw people to you like a moths to a flame!

  • How to use these communities to find and prioritize the best live seminars, conferences and meet-ups in your niche.

  • How to leverage these online relationships to ensure that your conference experience is incredible and full of shared experiences.


Take your online relationships to the next level with shared experiences.


  • How to use pre-conference meetups to ensure that you feel like a rockstar during the rest of the conference.

  • How to stand out by offering to be of service to fellow attendees

  • The importance of saying “yes”.

  • How to employ the “DG” Method of simply outlasting the crowd to ensure smaller more intimate connections and memorable shared experiences *(Hint: this method works best if you have a solid alcohol tolerance and little need for sleep. Not for beginners or light weights but trust me this one fucking works!)

  • The importance of having a system in place to remember connections made and follow up after the conference. I suck at this and welcome any and all listener tips!

As always, the episode ends with a call to action. Take the first step now and search for your tribe online. Then take the leap and start connecting and offering value to the community. 

Remember you’ve already found one community of amazing, like minded people who are fighting for their own second half comebacks!

Join our team. …sign up for the email list now! 

Thanks for listening! We’ll see you next time on Second Half Comeback.


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