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Cole Hatter

Cole Hatter wanted to make a difference in the world so he pursued becoming a firefighter until a terrible accident stole his health and his dreams.

In our conversation Cole tells us about his struggle to overcome this serious injury and the loss of his firefighter dreams by starting a highly lucrative real estate investment business with his dad.

Thanks to perfect timing, a smoking hot California real estate market and a ton of hard work, he was crushing it to the tune of six figures per month as a 22 year old!

But then Cole had to face his second major setback as the global financial crisis of 2008 crushed his real estate business. He was struggling to keep his family business above water and became so stressed out and disenchanted that he had to quit the family business and vanish to Mexico to regroup.

It was while in Mexico that he started working for a non-profit building houses for homeless Mexican families. This gave Cole his first taste of working for a purpose.

Cole soon had a life changing revelation. While sitting in his car playing guitar, he had a moment of clarity and realized he could have a much more significant impact if he could fund charitable causes versus simply volunteering as a laborer.

He soon returned to the U.S. with a renewed sense of purpose that helped him not only turn his real estate business around but also become a award winning professional speaker who has earned several million dollars speaking to organizations all over the world.

Now Cole Hatter wants to teach you how to start a purposeful business and get rich in the process.

Don’t wait to get rich to make a difference but rather make an impact as you get rich.

He is now organizing a world class, 3 day event in Las Vegas called Thrive: Make Money Matter. It’s happening October 16,17 and 18th at Mandalay Bay. World class speakers including Gary Vaynerchuk, James Altucher, Lewis Howes, Adam Braun, Tucker Max and many more will be teaching us how to make money, protect our money and make our money matter.

Here’s the most amazing part…100% of the profits from Thrive: Make Money Matter are going to one of our favorite charitable causes, A Human Project.

You can learn more about A Human Project and it’s founder Wes Chapman in Episodes 9 and 10 of Second Half Comeback: Listen Here

Here are a few of the takeaway lessons from this episode:

  • “I don’t have a duplicatable formula other than I worked my freakin butt off…when you are working hard, things happen!”

The harder I work, the luckier I seem to get.

  • What separates those who have only ambition and those who actually succeed  is only some are willing to grind it out.
  • “You can make excuses or you can make money but you can’t make both.”
  • “We are all wired to have meaning in our lives. We want meaningful relationships. We want to do meaningful work…we are designed to want to matter!”
  • “People think that making money and making a difference are separate things but they don’t have to be.”
  • You can build a business around making a difference.
  • “At the end of the day, let’s not just make money. Let’s make a difference!”


If this episode and Cole Hatter’s message resonated with you, I highly recommend that you join me in Las Vegas, October 16,17 and 18th for the Thrive: Make Money Matter event.

You can find out more about Cole Hatter, listen to his podcast, or book him as a speaker at Cole Hatter.



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  1. Rafeea

    Cole is amazing! he is full of love has amazing tips to give on starting your business! and I cant seem to get what he says out of my head “MAKE MONEY MATTER” he motivates you to want and do better, and achieve financial freedom! I happen to be a student at the fortune builders 3 day Event, but fell in love with him and his wife and his family! we are striving for success, and looking forward to duplicate what he does and create financial freedom in our home, as our story is very similar to his! I asked him for one of his bracelets at the end of his class, as he darted off to the airport, I was honored to get one as he dug dug deep in his suitcase to grab for me! #makemoneymatter

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