The “Secret Sauce” to Building Your Winning Team.


Episode 06 The Secret Sauce of Building Your Winning Team is basically a part 2 to the previous episode The Biggest and Worst Kept Secret to Transforming Your Life and Business. In this episode I recap the importance of surrounding yourself with amazing, supportive, like minded people who are doing the things that you dream of doing. 

I also emphasize again the importance of finding online communities in your “Niche” to make initial connections and then attending live conferences, seminars and meet-ups to cement these relationships through shared experiences. This is what I call the “Secret Sauce of building your winning team.

After this short recap, I spend most of the episode giving you actionable tips to help you accomplish both of these steps. Topics discussed include

Finding your online tribe


  • How and where to search for online communities in your area of interest.

  • Should you fork out your hard earned money to join paid courses and communities?

  • I share numerous tips for engaging with people in these communities including several proven methods for becoming know as one of the most helpful, giving, action oriented super stars in the community. these tips will help draw people to you like a moths to a flame!

  • How to use these communities to find and prioritize the best live seminars, conferences and meet-ups in your niche.

  • How to leverage these online relationships to ensure that your conference experience is incredible and full of shared experiences.


Take your online relationships to the next level with shared experiences.


  • How to use pre-conference meetups to ensure that you feel like a rockstar during the rest of the conference.

  • How to stand out by offering to be of service to fellow attendees

  • The importance of saying “yes”.

  • How to employ the “DG” Method of simply outlasting the crowd to ensure smaller more intimate connections and memorable shared experiences *(Hint: this method works best if you have a solid alcohol tolerance and little need for sleep. Not for beginners or light weights but trust me this one fucking works!)

  • The importance of having a system in place to remember connections made and follow up after the conference. I suck at this and welcome any and all listener tips!

As always, the episode ends with a call to action. Take the first step now and search for your tribe online. Then take the leap and start connecting and offering value to the community. 

Remember you’ve already found one community of amazing, like minded people who are fighting for their own second half comebacks!

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