How to Use Daily Rituals and Systems to Get Your Most Important Shit Done With Greg Hickman



On today’s episode of Second Half Comeback, Greg Hickman tells us how to use daily rituals and systems to make sure we get our most important shit done everyday.

Greg is best known as The mobile marketing expert and for his brand Mobile Mixed. He is host of the Mobile Mixed podcast and formally of the Leaving Corporate podcast. He also blogs about his journey at He is also a speaker and business coach.

He was my business coach for a few months and was instrumental in helping me finally launch the Second Half Comeback podcast.

We began today’s interview with a quick overview of his story and background which included some mobile marketing consulting, starting a text messaging marketing company and even returning to the corporate world to work for a large national outdoor retailer while working on building Mobile Mixed on the side.

Mobile Mixed is a blog, podcast and training company that teaches small businesses and entrepreneurs how to use mobile marketing to generate leads and sales.

Mobile Mixed eventually led to speaking gigs, coaching and numerous other opportunities including leaving his corporate job to work on his business full time.

Ironically, after Greg left the corporate world to work on his own business full time, He found it was a struggle to stay focused and consistently work on the important “stuff” in his business.

Since then Greg has really become a student of productivity, workflow, and daily rituals. He is always experimenting, tweaking and learning the best systems and rituals to get the important shit done in his business and life.

We spend the rest of the interview talking about Greg’s workflow and systems with a specific focus on his morning ritual.

Here are a few of the highlights from his current routine:

  • Starts his morning with some light stretching, walks his wife to work and often follows with more light exercise.
  • Lately Greg has been focusing on a reading habit. After his morning exercise and shower, he has been trying to read for 30 minutes.
  • He then jumps into the meat and potatoes of his morning routine:
    • He spends some time journaling on his computer using a set list of questions that he is always perfecting.
    • then he plans his day. He has been using the “Zero Based Calendar” system.
  • We spend some time talking about the actual nuts and bolts of system such as apps, websites and software that he uses. (See Links below).
  • We finish by talking about the importance of shifting your mindset from entrepreneur to business owner…”How do i take this thing and turn it into a revenue producing business”.
  • Greg also warns us about falling into the trap of comparing ourselves to others and copying other successful people’s workflows. He emphasizes that we should design a personal system around our own needs, strengths and weaknesses.

Resource and Links

Mobile Mixed

Greg’s Workflow




Text Expander

Virtual Staff Finder

Thanks so much for stopping by the website and listening to the podcast. I hope you enjoyed the interview with Greg Hickman. On the next episode of Second Half Comeback, we are going to dive into our Finish Strong Challenge.

We will start by focusing on one simple “keystone” habit that is essential to executing a consistent and effective morning ritual!

Now, let’s remember to implement our 4th Quarter Mentality and finish 2014 strong! Let’s make this the year that changed EVERYTHING!

See you next time…… and remember It’s never too late to be who you were meant to be!

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