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Today’s episode isn’t so much an interview as it is a conversation between two friends and entrepreneurs about health, fitness and creating your best life.

Mike Goncalves and I met online and are in a small group mastermind together. He has become a friend, my go to fitness expert and someone who holds me accountable and puts a boot in my ass when I need it.

I thought you guys would enjoy and benefit from ease dropping on our conversation about the daily challenges of staying healthy and building a business from scratch, little by little, while juggling the challenges of everyday life.

No sugar coating here! Just an inside look at two second half comebacks in progress.

It’s not always pretty, It’s often just hard fucking work but hopefully this conversation will give you a few ideas how to battle through and keep taking daily action towards your goal of a better life.

Mike has a background running a brick and mortar health and fitness business as a personal trainer. He built and ran this successful business for 10 years in San Diego but had to leave the business behind to return to Boston for personal reasons.

He was forced to start from scratch in Boston. He had to get a “real job” to pay the bills and began trying to figure out how to create an online health and fitness business so he could still help the friends and clients that he was forced to leave behind in San Diego.

The Wellness Bucket was born!

The Wellness Bucket is a “community where people want to feel their best, look their best and ultimately live their best lives.”

Check it out here: The Wellness Bucket

A few of the things that you’ll learn from this raw, in depth conversation are:

  • You’ll get an honest look at a day in the life of a entrepreneur. How does mike structure his day to ensure he is always making progress on his business while juggling the demands of a job and busy life?
  • Learn Mike’s technique for switching gears between his day job and his passion project.
  • Learn 3 strategies Mike uses to make sure he stays motivated and disciplined to do his most important work.
  • We talk about our techniques for “getting in state” and flipping the switch to ensure that we get things done even when we don’t feel like it.
  • Mike discusses his “Compound Interest” philosophy
  • We discuss tips for avoiding overwhelm and taking daily action.
  • a psychological hack that can help you become the type of person who does the things you dream of.
  • The importance of making connections including focusing on “lateral connections”.
  • and finally how to overcome the dreaded Imposter Syndrome!

I enjoyed this conversation so much that I’m going to encourage Mike to be a regular guest on the show.

Whether you are hustling to build a side business, leave your day job to start a business or have left your job and are deep in the trenches of building your own full time business, I know you’ll relate and find tons of value in this episode.

I think this episode is a great follow up to the James Clear Episode as we talk about some of the same concepts of habit transformation for both health and fitness and business.

You can still get the Free Audio Lesson from that episode here:

Click Here for a free audio gift! “10 Minutes to Transform Your Habits”

Please make sure to check out Mike and his awesome work at The Wellness Bucket.

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  1. Thanks so much for having me on the show DG – it was an absolute pleasure and blast getting the opportunity to chat with you and talk about all that’s happening in the trenches of chasing and creating our dreams, goals, and future. It isn’t always sexy stuff, but it is the truth and hopefully these ideas we’ve shared here helps others realize they too have what it takes to make their second half come back and that their struggles are all just part of the process and barrier to entry that can be overcome with the right mindset. Thanks again man – this was fun… Cheers!

    • David

      Hey Mike, I really enjoyed listening to your interview with DG. A lot of points really resonated with me, especially the challenge of getting in the zone before starting work. Too often I just sit down in front of the computer and try to ‘start working’ (and get sucked into the black hole of checking emails, news, paying bills etc.)

      I’m still trying to find my focus ritual – for want of a better term – but it’s getting better with a 7-minute workout while the computer starts up. It’s not much, but it helps!

      Looking forward to reading/listening more from both you DG together. Great combination.


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