How Not to Launch a Podcast and Other Lessons From My First Six Months in Business




On This Solo Episode of Second Half Comeback, entitled “How Not to Launch a Podcast”, I talk about the mistakes I made and lessons I learned during my first six months in business. My hope is that you’ll learn from my silly mistakes and achieve your Second Half Comeback in record time!

Here are a few of the key takeaway lessons from my efforts to launch a podcast:

  • Have a Plan. An imperfect plan, well executed, is still better than no plan.

    • Have a start plan. stop wasting time trying to find the perfect plan. Just have a plan and get started.
    • Now, practice the habit of just sitting your ass in a chair and doing the work…day after day, week after week. Execute your plan.
  • Consistency Counts.

    • Having a consistent publishing schedule matters. Honestly, I don’t know why but it does. I was inconsistent and my growth suffered.
    • Consistency of effort, work, focus is EVERYTHING! Taking action only leads to success if you do it consistently and if you’re able to force yourself to do it even when you’re not feeling it.
  • So the magic happens when you combine the two lessons above: Plan on being consistent. Plan on grinding…plan on simply putting your ass in the chair and working on your imperfect plan, day after day after day!

  • Model-Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Model what’s already working. After you gain some traction and learn what the hell you’re doing…then and only then you can innovate and add your own unique spin.

  • Having tons of connections, followers and “friends” is great but it is essential that you intentionally seek out and connect deeply with a small group of passionate, giving, like minded rockstars. Find your team. Recruit your inner circle. This may be the single biggest determinant of your success in business and life

    If you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with…Don’t waste your fucking time with average people!

Action Step:  Deliberately start looking for extraordinary people to join your inner circle. Go above and beyond with your efforts to connect. Give freely. Ask for help and take note of who steps up for you. Work on this everyday until you have a rock solid inner circle. This is absolutely life changing!


Second Half Comeback will now be a 3 x a week podcast! I’m going all in! So look for episodes on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Motivation Monday: A quick 5-10 minute “Half Time Speech” to start your week.

Team Building Tuesday: Also a shorter episode specifically focused on building your inner circle, surrounding yourself with extraordinary people, finding your “five people” that will stand shoulder to shoulder with you as you crush your Second Half Comeback!

Full Episode Friday: More of our in-depth conversations with amazing people as well as some long form solo episodes.

As always thanks so much for listening, reading, joining the email list and just joining us on our journey to execute our own Second Half Comeback.

We’ll see ya next week for 3 new episodes.


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  1. DG, really enjoying listening to your podcasts. I’m new to ‘pod-listening’ and recently went on a binge with several of your podcasts. Love your laid back approach, also assertive style to get the main messages across. Your a natural at interviewing. Look forward to listening more!

    • DG Gregory

      Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and comment. I can’t tell you how much it means when someone takes time to comment. I hope you’ll keep listening as there are couple great episodes coming soon including an incredible episode on transforming your habits with James Clear! Is there anyone that you would like to hear interviewed on the podcast?

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