Ian Usher: The Man Who Sold His “Entire Life” on Ebay

Ian Usher




On the latest episode of Second Half Comeback, I have a conversation with adventurer and author, Ian Usher from ianusher.com.

In 2008, Ian Usher sold his “entire life” on Ebay to tackle his bucket list of lifetime goals. He now inspires other people to achieve their goals.

Ian set a goal to accomplish a 100 item “bucket list” in 100 weeks!

In the following years Ian managed to accomplish 93 Items from his 100 item list. Here’s a quick video compilation of some of his adventures:

Ian has written a great book about his journey called A Life Sold.

In 2011 Ian even went on to buy his own island in the Caribbean. He later wrote a book about that experience called Paradise Delayed.

In our conversation, we discuss the background and details of his story and highlight several super valuable takeaway lessons that we can incorporate into our own second half comeback’s. Here are a few quotes and key lessons learned:

  • Embrace “plan B”. It’s the end goal that matters. How you get there doesn’t truly matter.

“Constant stepping out of your comfort zone makes you more comfortable at…stepping out of your comfort zone!”

  • Just take step #1. You don’t have to have the whole journey planned out…just the first 3,4,5 steps then steps 6,7,8… will reveal themselves.
  • The best way to overcome the voice of resistance in your head is to just take the first step.

“You can plan forever and nothing is going to happen if you don’t take that first step and actually physically start on whatever it is that you want to do.”

  • We also talk about the importance of starting to believe that “I am the type of person who does “X” (travels, takes risk, writes books, builds businesses, etc.)
  • He also emphasizes the value of putting yourself and your ambitions out into the world, making them public so there is an added element of pressure and accountability.
  • Most importantly, we discuss how everything, big or small, starts as just a seed of an idea. Ian’s brilliant advice for accomplishing your big goals in life is to:

    • First: Just take small baby steps immediately and continue with consistent progress on each “next step:

    • Then: Build in a tipping point or point of “no return” which is essentially a big step that is very hard to turn back from.

We finish our conversation by talking about his most recent travels across the U.S. in an R.V. and his future plans to travel China and teach english.

Take a listen to this inspiring episode and learn how to start crushing your “bucket List”!

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