Monday Motivation: Overcoming “Comfortable”


Comfort Zone



This Monday Motivation podcast episode is about overcoming the “C” Word…Comfortable.

Let’s face it, Change is easy when you are miserable and your back is against the wall. The challenge of the second half comeback is that most of us are fairly comfortable. You’ve spent the past 15-20+ years of our lives building a decent life for yourself and your family.

Your back isn’t against the wall.

It’s against a comfortable couch!

As a result, you quickly lose the desire and ability to step out of your comfort zone. you’re afraid to risk your comfortable life. Your risk muscle gets weak. You get soft.

You’re comfortable. Stuck. Hopes and dreams on the back burner.

You’re fucking wasting your life sitting on a couch in a subdivision watching t.v.!

I hope that scares the shit out of you! Let’s do something about it. It’s time to bust out of this life sucking comfort zone!

Here are a few of the key takeaways and lessons from this episode:

  • The best way to escape the comfort zone is to simply start practicing stepping out of the comfort zone.
    • Take small steps out of your comfort zone and take them often.
    • Rebuild your risk muscle.
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
    • Don’t worry about the outcome.
    • Improving your ability to step out of your comfort zone IS the outcome.
  • Pretty much everything you want in life and business lies just outside of your comfort zone…You just need to step outside and grab it!
  • If the sum of your life is based on the decisions you make and the actions you take then you are living an unfulfilled life mostly because you are unwilling to be a little uncomfortable.
  • Many people go to their graves full of regrets and unfulfilled dreams simply because they didn’t want to be a little uncomfortable.
  • Most people say they would take a bullet, literally give their life, for their family but yet most won’t regularly do the things that make them a little uncomfortable…That’s fucking crazy!

Your mission for the week is simply to practice stepping out of your comfort zone. Pay attention and recognize the times that you are playing small and clinging to “comfortable”. Take small steps outside of your comfort zone.

Feel the discomfort and do it anyway. Act like your life depends on it. Act like your families future depends on it….because it does!

Thanks for listening! We’ll see you next time!







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  1. Comfort roots you in things you already know, which is antithetical to the creative process. Therefore, leaving it behind is essential for progress … great post!

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