Team Building Tuesday Intro: Why Surround Yourself with Excellence


Today’s episode of Second Half Comeback is the very first episode of Team Building Tuesday. It’s basically just an introduction to the concept and an explanation as to why you should strive to surround yourself with excellence.

The episode is pretty much self explanatory and doesn’t really require show notes so let’s just go with a brief overview of the concept.

Every Tuesday, Second Half Comeback will feature a short 10-15 minute episode that is focused entirely on the concept of building yourself an “Inner Circle” or a Comeback Team if you prefer.

The episode will features cutting edge strategies and tactics for finding, connecting and teaming with extraordinary, like minded rockstars using all the amazing modern day tools at our disposal.

Many of the episodes will be solo episodes but I will also feature some interviews with Super Connectors and utilize excerpts from previous interviews.

This is not old school “networking”. This is “Connecting for Success” in the online era.

“If you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with…Don’t fucking waste your life with average people”

Let’s meet back here every Tuesday and learn a rock solid game plan for surrounding ourselves with a team that will help us crush our second half comeback!

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